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A Long Day: (April 16, 2032) - After Roof Top's Level:

It was a long day. Konoko stood above Vansam on the top ledge of the abandoned tower. A long time ago, it was used as warehouse. One day, some statues came alive and started killing the workers. Shortly after, the entire tower has been plagued with deadly rock. The TCTF send a few Black Ops; however... they never came back. The Syndicate has just reformed then with their flashing new boss, Muro. Muro taught his troops well. The Syndicate became very powerful. He silently conquered Atmosphere Conversion around the globe. The TCTF realized the problem when it was almost too late. The tower was shortly forgotten and its existence was removed from the records. The TCTF had much bigger threats to worry.

For Konoko, it was a long day. But she knew that it wasn't over. Before that day, they weren't a slightest bit interested in it. Then, the TCTF censors picked up Konoko's heat waves near the tower. Commander Griffin knew one day Konoko would want to find out who she is and he feared that one day she will actually do it. He feared that this was the day. The Syndicate didn't really care. They had work to do. It was the day of joy; where they could rest away from Konoko and TCTF. The casualties they suffered so far weren't going to be even close when Konoko would raid TCTF's head-quarters.

They were shuttling out some mysterious crates out of the Atmosphere Conversion Center. Muro ordered to blow up the entire center after Konoko's attack. Just one short-circuit in the energy tube; and a huge-hole in the ground is all that remained. The Syndicate were still in the process of building their main base in the Mountain Compound.

As for our heroine, Konoko was blasted with fire. Konoko felt her hands. They were thin traces of acid and injection holes from the hypos. She could almost see green hypo gas coming out of her hands. The hypos where like a huge sugar boost; quick health restoration, but in the long run, they only brought suffering. A better word, which the WCG has chosen not to use, for them was 'steroids.' Konoko had no where to run, nowhere to hide, nowhere to stay. She could only fight. She knew that she would have to leave the tall tower as soon as the TCTF arrive. She stood along with her sacvoyage of goodies: 6 ammo clips, and an SBG.

It seemed that the Tower slowly drained Konoko's spiritÉ Konoko felt that one day she would have to return. Three TCTF cars came. Konoko blased them with her mighty weapon as if they didn't have a chance. Konoko put on a phase cloak and stormed away from the large city streets. The next day she planned to raid the TCTF Science Prison.

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