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Directory: Game Tech >> AI Dev.

As a supplement to this information, check out Combat Analysis 2nd Edition guide. Download it in the downloads section. Its in pdf format.

1. This section was inspired by many posts in various forums. To understand the AI of Oni characters, a simply dummy AI was created which didn't do anything (via scripting). It didn't move, didn't fight, didn't do anything. This dummy AI was put with one enemy into a room. After a while the enemy would kill the dummy; however, it did so differently each time.

2. Moves always do the same amount of damage to a character no matter what angle or circumstance, only that a collision has been made. The damage is in the animation; so if another characters does Konoko's moves, the damage will always be the same.

3. When you back-break a black-ops, they will usually die. Those who don't die, don't die every single time. Those who die, always die. Different characters, even of the same class may have different health levels. They determine how much damage a character can take from moves before they die.

4. A punch always deals the same "4" damage to a character, whether its Muro or a striker. The reason Muro is harder than a striker, is obviously because he has more health. If you chr_set_health any character to 20 life, 5 punches always be enough no matter whether its a Red Fury or Barabus.

5. Essentially what a character does is just a bunch of animations. You can attach Muro's animations to Konko and Konoko will deal Muro's damage. Conditions are always equal. However, weight does slow characters down. Characters of the same weight have the same speed of executing animations. Characters of one weight are not equally fast; however, because their animations are different and do different things.

6. Consider a throw animation. It is actually two animations. The person who is getting thrown and the thrower. The thrower's animation is independent of the one who is thrown. If the stash comes into a collision with another character, that character will be also thrown and receive just as much damage as the one who was thrown.

You can animate Konoko with acid or Muro's moves if you like but it will look a little clumsy because the shape of Konoko's body is different from the one of Muro. I was able to defeat a red striker with 1000 life in no-time (43 seconds to be more precise) by:
  • using moves Konoko did NOT have (and infact those that no character had)
  • binding a super-hard combo move instead of the first punch.
7. Another part of this section is to evaluate characters. According to WJ, characters have different base life, i.e not all Muro's are born equal. On different levels, the health of Muro is different. Not all red strikers or blue ninjas have the same life. Here I am talking about bosses with the health in the *.sep files. I tried Muro vs Konoko in five different levels. Konoko's blocking and escape move technique deals little bits of damage most of the time; however, Muro's powerful moves always destroyed Konoko into pieces. Suprisingly, Konoko does defeat Mukade in the two Mukade levels. Mukade deals even smaller bits of damage and Konoko escapes most of his attacks while using her tricks up her sleeve. I tried Konoko vs Barabus. This is not even (Barabus does win sometimes); however, Konoko generally wins because she doesn't let Barabus do a thing (like kick, punch or even regenerate). However, Barabus deals a lot of damage to Konoko when he has a chance. I believe that Mukade would cream Barabus, however I cannot possibly make them battle. Can you !?

8. I believe that the bosses (Barabus, Mukade, Evil Konoko, Muro) get harder since they are stronger than the previous ones when they fight a 1-1 match. However, players have minds and can see mistakes in the AI thinking and could take advantage of that.

9. You expect that it takes less gun shots to kill a guy by shooting him in the head as in the chest or his legs. However, the damage that a gun does is random and depends only on the distance. No civillians were killed during the production of this article. This is because guns are just like moves. They always deal the same range of damage if there is collision. If the gun shot and enemy collide, damage is dealt; if they don't, its not. Plain and simple.

10. Strangely enough, Konoko does the same amount of damage with Daodan on as without it. Having drank two bottles of coke, does not make people fight better. But Konoko will absorb less damage.

11. On, easy difficulty max health is 260 without Daodan. On normal and hard, its only 200. On hard, enemies are also have 5/4 as much life and stronger characters are spawned.

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