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Directory: Dev Shed >> Sepics.

If you are interested in Sepics, go to downloads section and download the guide. It is in pdf format and goes through each *.sep resource in detail. Find it in the downloads section.

1. Getting Started:

Unfortunately, PC Users do not "see" or have *.sep files in the full version. However, I was told that they have them in the demo. These *.sep files are located on the Oni CD. Instead of installing them (since they do not get installed or they are hidden, maybe the should be copied !?). In any case, I have a mac, so it doesn't bother me.

I suggest you to download if you do not have it already (its free) BBEdit Lite. This can also be done via a hex-editor. Note: a dot in hex-editor is represented as a red upside down question mark in old BBEdit. The new BBEdit is very powerful and allows much much easier browsing.

2. Language and Preservation of Length:

You have to preserve length, i.e your initial file must have the same length as your final file. You have to delete/add (.)s to maintain length.

If you do not preserve length or made a "grammatic" error, then Oni will crash while loading the respective level. You can use Oni Tools / Win Oni to find which *.sep files are responsible for which levels.

If you made a spelling error, I think that a log file will open.

3. Character Type Layout:

Somehow, each character "options" also have some word RAHC behind them. So search for it. You will find something like this:


You will get something like this (with tons of dots) and gibberish in between, etc.

The first word is the type of the character. The second is the character's scripting ID. The third is the weapon that they start with. If it says none or does not say anything, they do not have a weapon in the beginning.

To find possible character types which you can use in the level, simply search for them in the *.sep file. Also try shapeshifting on that level and looking them up in other *.sep files.

4. Changing Character Type:

Suppose that original a character was of the type striker_easy_3. To make him be of the type of konoko_generic you would need to change striker_easy_3 to konoko_generic since they both have the same length and you do not need to add/remove dots.

Now suppose you would like to change a character of the type striker_easy_3 to muro_generic, you would have to add two dots on the end since striker_easy_3 has 14 letters which muro_generic has only 12, you need to replace striker_easy_3 to muro_generic.. with two dots on the end.

In the same way, to change muro_generic to konoko_generic, you would have to grab an extra two dots (do not worry - there are plenty of dots after every word) and change muro_generic.. with two dots after it ti konoko_generic since the last string has two more letters than the previous one without dots. 5. Changing rewards:

Search for "Shield" or any other powerup you like. In the new BBEdit you might get something which will look like this:

You can fiddle around and change the 1 to something bigger or with length preservation give yourself a cell. However, Its not always suggestable to do it through BBEdit; but rather through Hex Editor with dots. Some rows cotain name of scripting function to execute.

6. Audio:

Level0_Final.sep is a special file; different from others just like Level0_Final.dat. Level0_Final.dat acts like an adiministrator; and thus we suppose that the *.sep version will work in the same way. For one thing, Level0_Final.sep is much more readable than other *.sep files.

First, you can search for .aif, i.e sound files. These sounds can be exported using Oni Tools. Viewing *.sep files is more complication but in a sense more interesting cause it is more related to the Oni core.

7. Materials:

Another thing special in the special file (in 6), is that you can view materials of different objects. It is located at the very end of the file.

Thanks for enjoying Sepics!

8. Screenshots:

I messed up the textures, doors, consoles, etc. in the SEP file. As you can see the scripts actually work:

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