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Directory: Game Tech >> Oni Works.

1. How do strikers know where you are? Well, they have two scanners: they can see or hear you.

2. Well, as the basics as this game is made, from tiles, I figured it out by using the glassworld script, there should be an easily game editor, which could come out but probably wouldn't.

3. Cutscenes begin as soon as you come to a certain flag or into some region. However, if you could avoid (possible by cheatting or scripting), you would miss the cutscenes (and the small Shinatama talk).

4. It is hard for Konoko to jump (even on a behemoth mode) on top of a car. On level 14, you cannot jump over a fence. Some objects are actually bigger than they seem.

5. When you reopen a savepoint previous guys will be deleted since they will never be spawned. So, when you get to a savepoint a good tip is to reopen the game! However, doors behind you will never be unlocked (unless it said in the script) thus make sure that you got everything behind you.

6. The problems with 3rd person games come in when you are standing too close to an object. Bungie decided to fix this by adding a transperancy ingredient. This helps people to surprise the enemies, i.e you can see the guys in next rooms.

7. Animations are commited when Konoko is standing in an animation range of an object, i.e one can press the console being not directly infront of it. This allows people to throw through barriers. Animations also force walls of action. For example, if you throw a striker into the wall, he shouldn't fall through. However, if there is a tiny edge sticking out (like in Rooftops level with the first sniper), you cannot throw the guy into the "death pit".

8. In order to ensure good speed, there is fading. Notice that if you leave a weapon for a long time it fades. Glass when shot down fades very quickly. Bullets also fade over time.

9. How do AIs know how to follow you or move to a flag (using scripting)? They don't. They can only follow you or move to your flag as long as they are in the same region as you.

10. 2 Types of Black Ops. There are two types of black ops. If you are a scripter, you will see that there are BOS-es and BOL-s. They do not have a health difference. However, BOL-s have some extra armor, so that willow kicks would not make them feel pain. Just because characters look the same; doesn't mean they are the same.

11. The *.raw files contain level and region data. The *.sep files contain the character data, all character AI and all object and material data. They also contains the base actions of characters. Scripting (*.bsl) is for global level actions. The *.dat files act like an address book. They contain all the numerical values.

12. Civilians and some neutral characters (like Shinatama and the decoy Mukades) are not given the TRAMs they need to fight. However, they could still pickup guns and shoot you to hell. Of course, there are plenty of ways to come around this if you really want to see them do a back breaker.

13. When you turn {ai2_allpassive 1} on and go through lazer beams, the security cannon will not shoot you. Apparently, the lazer cannon is character-like.

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