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Directory: Dev Shed >> Tools.

Macintosh users: If you haven't already, go to the downloads section and get Oni Tools v1.51 by Ian Patterson. PC Users: Go to Oni Central's downloads area.

Oni Tooling, can be done via Oni Tools, Win Oni or some other PC hybrids is the alteration of *.dat files in the IGMD folder. This can be done manually (and a lot faster); but Oni Tools and similar programs provide an excellent interface to work with. Since I have a Macintosh, I use Oni Tools.

Oni resources come in a hierarchy. For instance TRMA is made up of 19 TXMP resources. Below is a list of most resources. A brief description and some cool features are provided for the interesting resources:

AKEV level data reference list
BINA raw binary data
CONS console description
DOOR door description
DPge diary page pointer
IDXA 3D data point index list
IGHH ingame interface help
IGPG diary page description
IGSA diary page string list
IGSt diary page string
Impt impact description
IPge info page pointer
M3GM 3D object description
Mtrl material description
ONCC character class
ONCV character varient description
ONGS game settings
ONLD level description
ONLV level data reference list
ONVL character varient list
OSBD data pointer
PNTA 3D point list
PSpc interface rectangle list
PSpL interface rectangle reference table
PSUI user interface description
SNDD sound file
StNA string list
SUBT subtitle list
TRAM animation
TRCM 3D object list
TRGE trigger shape description
TRIG trigger data description
TRMA texture map list
TRBS 3D object table
TSFF font data reference
TStr string
TURR turret description
TXAN animated texture description
TXCA texture coordinate list
TXMB large texture description
TXMP texture map
VCRA 3D coordinate list?
WMCL window manager rectangle list reference
WMDD window description
WMMB menu item list
WMM_ menu item
WPge weapon page pointer

Notes: For WMM_ and WMMB resources, check out DragonblooD's site Oni Hacking. Find it in the links section. He has figured out a very difficult unknown!

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