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Directory: Dev Shed >> Tools >> ONCC.

ONCC: An ONCC contains information about the character: his or her moves, sounds and weight. It contains the behavior of a character. Consider a non-empty ONCC resource (some are born empty; since they are pre-defined). Here is Konoko's and Muro's ONCC data side by side.
  • ID: identification number of the resource.
  • Unknowns: useless information about the character.
  • Damage Action: sound played when character is hit.
  • Sound: taunting sounds played like "You are gonna be beat by a girl"
  • Weight: The weight of the character - the useful part.
  • Moves: Walking Moves
Weight determines how fast a character runs, does his moves and the distance thrown back when hit. Konoko is beautiful and light. On the otherhand, her brother wears titanium armor and has medium weight. Make the final battle harder by changing Muro's weight to light.

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