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Home: (about Oni Master)

   - News: Latest Oni Master news.
   - Archives: Oni screenshots of interest.
   - Site Info: Info about the site.
   - Mirage: Our last and greatest major project.

Game Play: (about playing the game)

   - Tips: Strategies and tactics in the game.
   - Tricks: Wonderful secrets in the game.
   - Moves: All Konoko's moves in detail.
   - Cheats: Cheating in Oni. Something you shouldn't do.
   - Fun: Some cool stuff which can actually happen.

Game Tech: (about how the game works)

   - Playing: Player's experience when game is opened.
   - Oni Works: How the game works.
   - AI Dev: The AI in Oni.

Dev Shed: (about modifying the game)

   - Script Lib: A full scripting guide.
   - Sepics: Modification of *.sep files.
   - Tool Kit: Modication of *.dat files.
   - Downloads: Get some stuff from the Dev Shed.

Community: (others involved with Oni)

   - Board: A place to chat about Oni.
   - Links: Visit other Oni sites.
   - Contests: Various contests on Oni Master.

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