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Directory: Game Play >> Cheats.

While you are playing, type "F1" and type some of the following codes:

shapeshifter - Change Characters (using the F8 key).
liveforever - You are invincible.
touchofdeath - You kill enemies from one blow.
canttouchthis - You cannot be stunned nor be knocked over.
fatloot - You get max health and ammo.
glassworld - Makes all objects destructable.
winlevel - You win level!
loselevel - You lose level!
bighead - You have a big head.
minime - You are small.
superammo - You carry infinte ammo.
reservoirdogs - Enemies fight among themselves.
roughjustice - All weapons fire extremely fast.
chenille - You get overpower for life.
behemoth - You are huge.
elderrune - Your health slowly regenerates.
moonshadow - You get a phase cloak which never runs out.
munitionfrenzy - All weapons are spawned on the ground.
fistsoflegend - Your punches knock back enemies really far.
killmequick - All your enemies are much, much stronger.

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