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Directory: Game Tech >> Playing.

The Key File: I often press the capslock key when I crouch or use a hypo and then all of a sudden I walk so slow. To get rid of it, open the file key_config.txt and erase the line: "bind capslock to walk" and you will never have such a problem again.

In the key file it said that there are firebuttons 2 and 3. What is the use? If you do not have the fire buttons 2 and 3, well they are mostly useless. You can go to the file key_config.txt and change them to b and n like I did. The only use of fire2 is for wave motion cannon to fire a granade instead of the normal beam. It could hit higher and is more precise but who cares.

Screenshots: Normally, to take a screenshot, press F13. With some people F13 doesn't work. All you have to do is to open the key_config.txt file and change F13 to whatever you want.

Movie Saga: If you want to take some kind of movies add the following lines:

bind fkey9 to start_record
bind fkey10 to stop_record
bind fkey11 to play_record

However, when playing back the movie, the guys don't reset and Konoko is fighting empty space. The Movie Saga continues! If you want to make "slideshow" (no sound) movies, you should have a lot of unused disk space. Continiously take screenshots (by pressing F13). If one is uncareful, he or she may miss a lot of screenshots! Then compile the image sequence into a movie i.e with Quicktime Player. You should get someone to do screenshots for you since you need two hands in Oni to play. It takes practice to play well. You could delete the line: {bind f13 to screenshot}, change the line {bind mousebutton1 to fire1} to {bind mousebutton1 to screenshot} and bind some other key like g to fire1. This means you could turn around and screenshot at the same time! However, this is still pretty annoying.

You can avoid this if you have Snapz Pro (by Ambrosia) which costs $40, but it is well worth it. It slows down the game though so I prefer taking individual frames.

Deleting Introduction: Isn't the introduction so annyoying? It takes 17MB. All you have to do is to put away (or trash) the file intro.bik in Game Data folder. Same with the outro.bik file. That will remove the ending animation.

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