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Directory: Dev Shed >> Downloads >> Ian Patt.

Ian Patterson wrote on the Oni Master Board:

I've released a new version of OniTools.
New features:
  • New resource types
  • Embedded M3GM textures added
  • Raw text dump added
  • Float editor bugfix
  • Object editor added
  • Other bugfixes + random stuff I didn't log
The most useful thing in this new version is the ability to edit the character tables, powerup tables, etc. found in the .sep files. Some fields are still unknown, and I haven't filled in structures for the triggers or sounds yet, but it's mostly complete.

To access these tables, open the level file and scroll down to the BINA resources marked "CJBOCharacter," "CJBOConsole," etc. They are usually located toward the end of the files. Double-click the resource, then double-click the "size" or "data offset" fields.

The M3GM viewer now also supports textures. Note that only M3GMs with embedded textures (guns, consoles) will automatically select their textures; for other things (character bones) you must select it manually. Choose (*hack*) get info, then type in the ID of the TXMP you want to use. You can determine a resource's ID by selecting it in the resource list and choosing Get Info.

I've tested the program under X (in classic mode) and 9.2 - however the latest version of CodeWarrior has issues with older versions of MacOS. I've done what I can to increase compatability, but I'm still unsure if I've fixed everything. Please tell me if you have problems.


This post has been edited by ianpatt on Dec 27 2002, 08:11 PM

Another thing: I tried opening the source code (the mcp file) in Codewarrior but I can't build it... what kind of code warrior should I use and what should I do to build it? I get a lot of errors and warnings.

First, update your copy of CodeWarrior to 8.3. The updates can be downloaded from

Next, you'll need to rebuild the MSL libraries. The 8.3 update installer will ask to do this automatically, but I recommend skipping that and doing it manually - it's faster.

Open the project "Metrowerks CodeWarrior:MSL:(MSL_BUILD_PROJECTS): PPC:Build.MacOSPPC.mcp". Choose "Remove Object Code..." from the "Project" menu, check both the "Compact Project" and "Recurse" checkboxes, then click OK. Then, choose "Make" from the "Project" menu. This will take several minutes.

Next, you'll need the OpenGL SDK. Get the "OpenGL 1.2.1 SDK for Mac OS 9 " from Apple's SDK page . After downloading and mounting the disk image, make a folder called "OpenGL Support" inside your CodeWarrior folder (there should be other folders named "MSL" and "MacOS Support" already there) and copy the "Libraries," "Headers," and "Resources" folders from the SDK.

Finally, you'll need to download the new version. I didn't include the precompiled header info in the old project.

Please thank Ian Patterson for his wonderful contribution. You can email him via the forum/board. He truely is a great man in all respects.

If for some reason, the above link doesn't work, you may download from Molten Studios web server:

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