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Directory: Contests >> Screenshot.

Welcome to the screenshot Contest. Choose a category:

1. Action
2. Brilliance

This contest was a brave attempt and my very first contest. I didn't get much (nearly none) screenshots. However, it lead to the world of sucsess. Everyday, I checked my mail. I was happy even if I got one screenshot. One day, I got 2. That was the most I have ever gotten. Times went worse. The next contest was the scriptshot contest. I never got a single picture. I have chased those who gave me pictures away by my premature demands. I started planning my contests and giving people time. That was the Oni Forever contest. It was the biggest contest in Oni history. I got over 200 pictures. One must notice that most of them were of excellent quality, i.e one could see them in the qualified pictures category. Every picture in that contest deserved to be a winner. Due to competitive spirits, I and a team of a few others were forced to decide on the winners. Now, look and enjoy the first five pictures I have ever gotten in my first contest Screenshot. Perhaps, naming contests makes a difference. Maybe not. Well, I do not have to say anything, but all markings are cruel and unfair. Competitive spirits always destroy the best pictures. That is why I am sticking to the ones that suck. Just kidding. ;-).

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