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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Abilities.

For yourself:

People get sick and tired to type up the cheat codes in. Type these lines to give yourself abilities:

   INVINSIBILITY: invincible=1
   OMNIPOTENCE: omnipotent=1
   UNSTOPPABLE: unstoppable=1
   UNKILLABLE: unkillable=1
   SUPER: super=1

Powers to Others:

To give a power to a character, type the following line:

   chr_[power] [character] [0/1]

Changing Health:

Konoko's id is 0. Konoko's name is usually char_0 but sometimes it is Konoko. Please do not use char_0 and Konoko because it is unstable and will not work on all levels.

To change a character's health type in:

   chr_set_health [character] [health]

Konoko's full health is around 270. So, to change Konoko's health, type in:

    chr_set_health 0 270.

When a character's health reaches 0, he or she dies.

Boss Shield:

To give a character a boss shield (i.e they look red and they are around bosses; you can see it clearly when they are shot):

    chr_boss_shield [character]

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