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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Characters >> Awareness.


A character senses you (a) by sight or (b) by sound. Both of these senses create an awareness region. However, some people are deaf and some are blind. Some are both.


Ignore makes a player complete ignorent of you as if you didn't exist. This is a little stronger then removing both of his scanners because he will not fight back.

ai2_makeignoreplayer [character] [0/1]

All Ignore:

This make every single character on the level to ignore you.



Here, we are removing one sensor from an AI - deaf removes sound awareness while blind removes sight awareness.

ai2_make[deaf/blind] [character] [0/1]

All Deaf/Blind:

To make all characters deaf or blind, we use a toggler. Originally, everybody is not deaf nor blind. By using these functions, we change the state of deafness or blindness, i.e if everyone was blind they become not blind and visa versa.


Forget: Forget is another important command. When the following line is used, that character will forget everything that happened and will probably return to his 'original job'.

ai2_forget [character]

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