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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Basics >> Camera.


For the camera to look at a screen, it could be static or non-static, type in the following line: The time field determines the number of millisecond the camera is allowed to get to a certain place. If you want the camera to go to a place instantly leave the time field blank or set to 0.

   cm_interpolate [screen] [time]

To interpolate a block, type in the line:

   cm_interpolate_block [screen] [time]

Warning! You may run into problems if you use the functions cm_interpolate and cm_interpolate_block annaccordingly.


To make the camera orbit the interpolated area, type in the following line:

   cm_orbit [angle]

Angle is measured from 0 to 1, like 0.3.


To reset the camera to focus back at you, type in the following line:



To detach a camera, type the following line: (this is done during death-falls)



Let us consider the last important camera function. This plays a camera motion film. They move your camera like a bunch of cm_interpolates melted together. It is like a film being playbacked except it is done with the camera. You can find these anims in the original IGMD. I must warn that there are so few of them, that usually you cannot find out which fits in your script.

   cm_anim both [anim]

There are quite a few other functions; however, they are more or less useless and are less frequently used.

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