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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Characters >> Creating.

Making Characters:

Each character in the game has a code. They have their starting location. When you spawn a character, it will be at its starting location. To move it, you would have to teleport it. You cannot have two characters with the same ID on the same level together. Konoko's ID is 0.

To spawn a character, type in this line:

   ai2_spawn [character]

The character will appear at his or her starting location. To spawn all characters (this function is just a macho function to see everybody on the whole level but it could really slow your computer down), use this line:


No collision function makes sure there is no collision between the characters - i.e when they are spawned in a "crowd."

   chr_nocollision [character] [(0/1)]

To delete a character use:

   chr_delete [character]

Last but not least, when a character is made he is usually teleported:

   chr_teleport [character] [location]

Location is a wierd 4 digit integer. It is determined by a flag. One has to 'study' the original IGMD and experiment to find the flags. Now, lets proceed to some actions.

To create a character (basically out of a block of wood) you could use:

chr_create [character_num] start

You could find character numbers using IGMD or seping the appropriate file. After you use them, you can delete them by:

chr_delete [character_num]

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