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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Characters >> Cutscenes.

How to make a cutscene:

A cutscene looks like this:


For Konoko to unleash her weapon at the beginning of the cutscene, type:

begin_cutscene weapon

The main consists of speeches, sounds and playbacks. The problem with cutscenes is that one Cinematics: When people talk in Cutscenes, a graphic or portrait of their face appears. The few nums and the boolean determine how the cinematic appears. I suggest you to look in the original IGMD files and choose the values you want. The two cinematics (in the openning closing lines) must match.

cinematic_start ([cinematic], [num], [num], [num], [num], [num], [true/false])
cinematic_stop ([cinematic], [num] , [num])

Take Control:

This makes the computer control you. One could make a freeze-scene (or a pseudo cutscene) if you want dmsging with this:

ai2_takecontrol [0/1]

If you want to dmsg and you don't really need the cutscene environment, you can use these functions I have made.

func void cutsene_start (void)
ai2_takecontrol 1
ai2_allpassive 1

To end a pseudo-cutscene, I made this function:

func void cutsene_end (void)
ai2_takecontrol 0
ai2_allpassive 0

Sleep: Sleep "burns" some time before playing the next line of the code. Here, time is meseaured in milliseconds.

sleep [time]

Follow Me:

This function is not recommended since the character usually wonders off and he cannot follow you if on a different level block. But still there is nothing better.

ai2_followme [character]

Look at Char:

To make a character look at another character, use this function:

ai2_lookatchar [looker] [looked_at]

Move to Flag:

This makes a character move to flag (which is technical term for location in the game):

ai2_movetoflag [character] [flag]

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