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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Doors.


There are five door functions: open, close, lock, unlock and jam. This is what they do:

   OPEN or CLOSE: This opens or closes a specific door.

   LOCK: This locks a door and will not unlock unless the unlock function is called. Doors are locked in the beginning of the level or stage. No AI can pass through a locked door no matter how they try. Niether can you.

   UNLOCK: This unlocks a door so every AI can pass through it. This function is used to unlock doors after you have activated some consoles.

   JAM: To jam a door means that it will be in it's current state, i.e if it is open it will stay open and if it is closed it will stay closed. It is nice when the jam function is used when the door is not completely closed, i.e a gap left for you to slide through. To use it, type in the following line:

The functions are activated by: (where func stands for the function, i.e to close a door, we have door_close)

   door_[func] [door id]

You can find door id's in the original IMGD. However it is very annoying to find the door id you want.

Special Doors:

Some doors are special. Why? On them on can find particles, i.e red/green lights. If you have never seen "particles" before, this is their calling function. Lights are usually set to be red. When lights are turned green, the red light particles stay yet they have been "clouded" out by the green light ones!

   particle [particle] do [start/stop]
   # start - light is green,
   # stop - light is red.

You have to search the original IGMD directory for that particles name. It would be something like this: { door[door num]_locklight01 }.

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