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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Introduction >> Language.

Commentary lines:

Any line beginning with # is a commentary line is not executed:

   # This line is not executed
   But this line is.

If a piece of code does not make sense, it maybe ignored or if does not match the structure then the whole file will be ignored. Therefore, never do what I did in the second line.


To create a new variable, use the following lines. There are two variables which are commonly used. Booleans equal to 0 (false) or 1 (true). If a function requires a 0 or 1 as a parameter, you may use the boolean variable.

   var bool yes_or_no;

If you automatically, want to set your variable to something, you could use this format:

var int give_counter=0;


This is the structure of a function:

   func void [name] ([parameters])

If you do not have any parameters, you leave the parameter field as 'void'. To use the function, type in the following line:

   [name] ([paramters]);

If you do not have any parameters, leave the parameter field empty.


If you would like to run two functions at the same time, you have to fork one. Forking is splitting a task in another concurrent process. To fork a function, type:

   fork [name]

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