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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Introduction >> Notes.

Library v11 notes / Good Scripting Habits:

1. All of the following rules are in place unless specified otherwise.

2. Disclaimer: We are not reponisble for any damage done to your computer.

3. All the functions of this Library were tested on Mac OS 9 and OS X. If you do not have Mac OS 9, you could run into problems and you would have to fiddle around and solve them.

4. Everything in monospace is a line of code.

5. Everything which is in [] is representive, i.e the line:

    chr_give_powerup [character] [powerup]

is used as { chr_give_powerup Muro hypo }.

6. Everything in {} is scripting code in the explanation areas.

7. The goal of this library isn't to contain all the functions in the world but to teach people how to script.

8. Read the introduction of this library fully, it will help a lot.

9. To promote strict programming: The 0 is used for Konoko's character ID and not char_0 nor Konoko because they do not work on all levels but 0 can be found anywhere.

10. When I write [0/1] it means 0 = false, 1 = true.

11. Do not try to use advanced functions - make your script good.

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