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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Powerups.

Items for youself:

There are five types of powerups. I am not going to mention LSI as a powerup even though it is called one.

   GET HYPO: give_powerup hypo
   GET GREEN_AMMO: give_powerup cell
   GET RED_AMMO: give_powerup ammo
   GET FORCE_SHIELD: give_powerup shield
   GET PHASE CLOAK: give_powerup invis

Powerups to Others:

To give a powerup to a character, type the following line:

   chr_givepowerup [character] [powerup]

Spawning Powerups:

Last but not least, spawn a powerup add the following line:

   powerup_spawn [powerup] [location]

Location is a four digit integer. You know what should go in the first brackets: ammo, cell, hypo... However, here is something very confusing: the second number. Well, it is the location but is not understandable anymore; only through the tools Bungie used.

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