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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Introduction >> What is Scripting.

What is scripting?

Scripting is alteration of *.bsl files in the IGMD folder. I do not really care about all the functions in the game - I care to make nice scripts for enjoyment.

How to install scripts:

To install scripts you should read the readme. It would tell you to take out the old level files of a certain level and replace them with the new ones. For example, it may tell you to drop cutscenes.bsl into Airport folder. If you change the name of level-folder, the scripts inside it wouldn't run, i.e changing the name of the Airport folder to Airport_Original. So, one other version of installing scripts is to rename a certain level-folder and put the folder with your scripts in. Got Scripts you want to share?

Sharing Scripts:

If you have any scripts you would like to share email them to me and I will put them in my downloads directory. This guide is for people to learn how to script so that everybody can enjoy making scripts. Scripting codes are not copyrighted. If you make a script, the only thing you can do is ask somebody to put a commentary line inside it, i.e:

   # Thanks to Oni Master for this cool effect!

Where can I find scripts?

You can find the scripts in the downloads area. Other great places for downloading scripts is Oni Presence and Oni Res. You can access them through the 'Links' section. So, what are you waiting for! Start scripting.

Text Editors:

If you do not have a good text editor you should get one now. For Mac, there is BBEdit (you can get the Lite for free). It works for Mac OS and Mac OS X. For PC, the best I can suggest is Word Pad.

Back up your IGMD:

Most of you screwed up your IGMD whether you scripted or played other people's scripts. To cure the lazy people who do not want to re-install Oni, I have prepared an IGMD backup. Original scripts for MAC, PC and MAC OS X are the same however home-made scripts can be incompatible. So, do not be surprised if somebody claims that your scripts don't work. Script well - script safe.

Download IGMD Backup - SIT or IGMD Backup - ZIP.

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