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Directory: Technical >> Script Lib >> Weapons.

Weapon Codes:

The thing which is very good about weapons is that you can spawn more than one of them with the same ID unlike characters. So you can spawn an infinite amount of weapons but not characters. Also, note that all weapons are avaliable on each level, that is you can have every weapon on every single level. The codes for the weapons are:

   EQUALIZER: w1_tap
   BLACK ADDER: w2_sap
   PLASMA RIFLE: w3_phr
   SUPERBALL GUN: w5_sbg
   VAN DE GRAFF: w6_vdg
   MERCURY BOW: w8_mbo
   SCRAM CANNON: w9_scr
   FIREWORKS: w10_sni

Giving Weapons:

To give a weapon to a character type in the following line:

   chr_giveweapon [character ] [weapon ]

In this way, if you give yourself more than one weapon then you can 'carry' more than one weapon at a time.

Spawning Weapons:

To spawn a weapon type in the following line:

   weapon_spawn [weapon] [location]

However, over time, weapons do fade away (like those when you do munition frenzy stay for 20 sec). So, to disable weapon fading, add the following line:


This forces a character to hide/show his or her weapon.

   chr_forceholster [character] [0/1]
   # 0 - show weapon
   # 1 - hide weapon.

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