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Directory: Game Play >> Tips >> Tactics.


Barabus is a big fat lump. He is easy to kill by two strategies: (1) He always goes to pick up his gun. When he in "shoot-mode" knock him down. (2) Since he is so slow, you could easily knock him down with Triple Haymaker. He will rarely hit you.


After hurting Mukade, Mukade will be trying to teleport away. Initiation of teleporting takes time. By hitting Mukade, teleportation will be broken. Mukade will get up and try to telepot again. Knock him down again. Also, give him some room, i.e do not stand right next to him when he is down since he could attack you.


Since Muro doesn't get up and knock people down; all you have to do is to get him in a corner and stand on him. As soon as he gets up you can knock him down. Use triple have make or the Overthrow so he doesn't get out of his corner nor block your attack (for example, he usually blocks Sledgehammer).

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