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Directory: Game Play >> Tips >> Combos.


Combos are a group of moves which work well done one after another. Enemies do not always fall down after an attack. They may block it or be stunned. Also, combos should be easy to execute one after another. One combo which I like: first Spin Punch. Your enemy would most likely block it. However, after this you have a perfect Over Throw. This combo does not require to change keys and usually works. Sometimes you must do a few Spinning Punches before you hit the combos. Note that enemies do not block forever and would eventually give in.

Throws bring Power:

The best moves of the game are the throws (backbreaker and latriat count) since when you execute a throw, the fallen guy may hit someone and knock him down. Also, when you are throwing, all attacking moves on you are blocked! Different throws are good at different times. If you do not have time and have to run fast (i.e sniper around), the best throw is the Up, up and away throw.

Setting up a Back-Breaker:

It seems that it is extremely hard to setup or preform a backbreaker at normal conditions: your enemy will not wonder off to fight someone else and knows where you are. In fact, it is not that hard. When you kick or punch a guy he stunned for a second. This give you enough time to come behind him. You do not have to be right at his back to do backbreaker. If you feel (when you are behind him) that you do not have enought time do backbreaker, kick him again. He will be stunned for enough time to have a broken back.

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