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Directory: Game Play >> Tips >> Strategy.

Staircase / Ledge Fighting:

If you are on a staircase below your opponent, you could punch him a few times in legs while he is standing which will make him fall. And then, do another triple haymaker while he lying down. Do not be sad if you are above your opponent. You could always jump flip on the other side of him or do sweep kicks at him (works very good if you are on a table.

Overpower Effect:

First of all, overpower effect when using a hypo at close to full health has pros and cons. First of all, many don't like because this extra life is quickly drained away. In Oni, one could not waste hypos. On the otherhand, during a tough battle against a few strong guys, overpower effect is very useful. You see you do a lot more damage when in overpower. Also, you take much less damage from "killing" moves. Its best done when you are fighting Muro when Griffin is alive (you have not killed him on level 13).

Barrier Fighting:

If there is a barrier somewhere, it is a major advantage if your opponents are disarmed. If you have a gun you could easily shoot them down and you will not have a single scratch. Also you could use the fact that some barriers are really 'hollow' like the one on level 14 in tricks section. Since opponents would stay as close as possible to you (right at barrier) you could do sweep kicks or high kicks anytime at them. Also, note that your opponents 'cannot' jump high. They actually do not jump at all (well usually - unless it is a part of a combat move, etc). So, even a 'table' is a barrier: enemies cannot jump on it and you could sweep kick them again and again.


I know that a lot of you do not block (I didn't block when I sucked at this game). And, you wouldn't even believe it, I passed the game on hard difficulty without it. When you enemies attack they lose "attack" balance so after they attack and you block you can do some attacks of your own. Do not always do this, since they get hits sometimes and some hits have a bigger accuracy than others do.

Escape Moves:

Escape moves are really, really good. They let you get out of tight spots. Its very important to learn them all. In different situations, you must use different moves. They have a block factor too.

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