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Directory: Game Play >> Tips >> Tactics.

Groud Effects:

After your opponent is on the ground (after being thrown or punched), it is very useful to do a ground effect like the Leg Sweep. Leg Sweep is the fastest of the ground effects and the easiest to preform. More experienced players should try jumpfliping. If you have slid into your opponent you still would be in 'dash' mode and thus can slide at him once or even twice (when he is getting up, he still may fall down) if you are fast enough. However, the best move is the sledgehammer heel when battling solo. Even if it is a bit slow, your opponent still will take tons of damage. If there are more guys, stand close to the fallen one and try to make your sledgehammer heel in the direction of the standing guys so both will take damage.

Throws bring Power:

The best moves of the game are the throws (backbreaker and latriat count) since when you execute a throw, the fallen guy may hit someone and knock him down. Also, when you are throwing, all attacking moves on you are blocked! Different throws are good at different times. If you do not have time and have to run fast (i.e sniper around), the best throw is the Up, up and away throw.

Ammo vs Hand-to-hand Combat:

AMMUNITION ROCKS: However, sometimes ammunition is very good since you do not have to come in contact with enemies. For example if you are far away and have the scram cannon, you can blow up a guy down. Or, if you are on a ledge then you could use a superball gun. If your enemies are behind a wall, then the screamming cannon is perfect. Ammo should be used to prevent major health loss.

FIGHT LIKE A MAN (or a WOMAN): If you could avoid health loss than do not use ammo. Many players never get the real point of the game and use ammo all the time. There is not enough ammo in the game. You cannot use it all the time. Also, hand-to-hand combat is cooler!

Dodging on Fire:

To dodge fire (or rather avoid fire), hide behind a wall, a car or any other object. On the open field, to zig-zag jumpflip towards the guy. If you are behind a door, open it and run around left and right. Plasma rifles and other small weapons will usually miss. For different guns, do the following:
  • Scram Cannon, Plasma Rifle: zig-zag jumpflip over the bullets.
  • Mercury Bow: (hard to dodge): Run straight towards them and try to jumpflip it if in open, otherwise get behing a barrier. When they come to you, you can make a surprise disarm.
  • Superball Gun: Run as fast as you can towards the enemy and get it out of his reach!
  • Screamming Cannon: Run around your enemies and the poision will kill them. Make sure it does not reach you.
  • Small Guns: Side Jumpflips - do not get two close or you will be shot. Approach while they reload.

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