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Directory: Game Play >> Tricks >> Level 14.

Hypo Keeper:

Type: KILL
Discovered by: Oni Master.

Of course, on some levels, especially on level 13, the second time you go through the police station there are hypos lying all over the place. You should have 6 hypos nearly at all the savepoints even on hard difficulty. However, on level 14, you can't simply get enough. Maybe you can't. But I can! Do you know why? Because a crazy scientist is hiding one! Normally scientists don't keep hypos but this evil one does!

The Barrier:

Discovered by: Oni Master.

In this game, you could go into some objects like furniture. Things don't appear to be like they should. If you are doing a throw when you are right at the wall, you could throw your opponent behind you. Sometimes, doors close and you could be fighting a guy through the door. This is how you could use the alarm on level 14, for your benefits by using a barrier motif. Your opponents wont be able to reach you and you could kill them.

Gun Stash:

Discovered by: Oni Master.

This is a very simple secret. On one high crate in the open field after the starting location, there are guns for you. There is a phase cloak, too.

Tower of Doom:

Discovered by: Weepul 884 and This Side Up.

It seems impossible to get into the any tower without use of a superball gun to launch yourself which is nearly impossible. However, with a few twisted twists, anything could happen. I have tried many other ways, to jump in tower from bunkers; but I failed even with cheating.

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